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CMR 900
  • Decentralized modular alarm and monitoring system.
  • Minimum costs for cabling and closely adapted to  monitoring need for the installation.
  • Approved by the main classification institutions.
  • Can be interfaced to existing system, or replace part or all of a system.
  • Increased reliability due to the redundancy of the network and decentralization of tasks.
  • Local units for data acquisition and control.
  • Input / output : 32 analogue channels / 96 binary channels or combination of both.
  • Compatible with all type of sensors.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Able to function in the lost of network.
  • Connect to a CMR900-44 portable for local visualization via RS232 link.


  • For regrouping, storing and transmitting data from CMR 900-41 to supervisor unit.
  • Able to manage up to 10 CMR 900-41 modules and Alarm relay boxes.
  • Compatible with ethernet network and can transfer data onto other system.


  • Portable unit for reading and configuration
  • Design to give increase flexibility and freedom of action in operations.
  • Directly connectable to CMR 900-41 and CMR900-42 modules.
  • CMR 900-44 are small, lightweight and portable.
  • Suitable for maintenance personal.


Siemens SIVACONSiemens SIVACON Switchboard
  • Type-tested standard modules (TTA)
  • Standardized busbar position at the top of the cubicle
  • 3 and 4 pole busbar system up to 7400A
  • Rated peak with stand current 1pk up to 375kA
  • Deep switchgear compartment for universal installation
  • Modular structure of device compartment
  • Single-front and back to back installation
  • Cable lead in from above or below
  • Cable connection from front or rear