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L.K. DOMINO Cubicle Switchboard

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Main Busbars For Heavy Current

  • Functional design.
  • Can be supplied as low voltage switchboards, motor control centers, mimic control panels, static control centers, main board for ships – or as combinations.
  • Based on 172 X 431 mm modules.
  • Depth variable in steps of 250 mm.
  • Numerous combination possibilities.
  • Base frame has removable front.
  • Easy mounting of cables.
  • Inlets for cables at top and bottom.
  • Internal cable tray.
  • Built in cable trunking on request.
  • Free standing boards can be equipped from front and rear
  • ON/OFF position of switches clearly indicated.
  • The switchboard are self supporting and need no extra frames for mounting and fixing at site.
  • All components are accessible from the front.
  • Free standing switchboards can be fitted with doors on rear side.
  • 90 degrees corner sections can be supplied
  • Mimic diagram on request.
  • To protect against rust, parts with acrylic finish are phosphated and stove-enamelled.
  • Others parts are electrolytically zinc treated and chromate passivated.
  • 19” rack system available including cassettes for printed cards and relays.
  • The frames have rounded edges to protect hands when fitting cables.


  • LK DOMINO main distribution equipment is based on standard DOMINO components and a system of module busbar to carry heavy alternating currents.
  • Flexible connector to take up the variations in length due to change in temperature and to allow for any minor inaccuracies in panel erection.
  • Main busbar systems optimized to meet the requirements as to current-carrying capacity up to a max of  2700 A.
  • Build to withstand the force of high short-circuit currents of 90 kA 1sec.
  • The busbar system is designed as twin phase conductors
  • Brunch connections are without holes so no drilling is required.
  • Busbar supports are made of self-extinguishing, heat resistance glass re-enforce polyester.


L.K DOMINO Cubicle Switchboard