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Products/market description: Markets served include food, pharmaceutical, process and life sciences applications.

History : The company was formed by Dr.Brian Wells, the current president, who has an extensive background in sensor technology and digital electronics. Dr. Wells saw a need in the food packaging industry for a low-cost, reliable oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer and used his knowledge to spearhead the development of the 901 and 902D.

The 905 and 906 followed shortly thereafter.  After initial entry into the food market, applications were developed in other industries such as pharmaceutical and life sciences.

R & D Activity: Several new products are under development to take advantage of recent advances in sensor and electronic technology.

Leading for gases analysis for Process, Fermentation, and other applications.

  • Model 901 O2 Analyzer for analysis of oxygen in gas flushed (MAP) food packages.
  • Model 901 Portable Spot Check O2 Analyzer for rapid spot checks of oxygen concentrations.
  • Model 902 Process O2/CO2 Analyzer.
  • Model 902 D O2/CO2 Analyzer.
  • Model 905 Benchtop O2 Analyzer.
  • Model 905 Process O2 Analyzer.
  • Model 905V Pharmaceutical Vial O2 Analyzer
  • Model 906 CO2 Analyzer.